manjaru outdoors

About Us

     The heart and soul of Manjaru lies in its vision, “We make every person proud by bringing innovation, quality and style to their outdoor and active lifestyle.” We are a Filipino brand that is committed to continuously develop high quality products mainly to those with active lifestyle and outdoor hobbies.

     Love of nature is one of our inspirations. It is our advocacy that every person should enjoy nature all around him in vicarious ways--- walking, trekking, camping, mountain biking and other things. We channel this inspiration and advocacy in our research and development to come-up with products that will equip every person to enjoy outdoor activities.

    Enjoying the mountains through bikings and river crossing, our light and quick dry shorts, water shoes and water repellent bags are your best companions. Spending a day or a week, our technical bags ease the difficulty in weight and in volume of all your packed things and gears.

    Our slippers, sandals and shoes are designed to stand the wear and tear of everyday use. Our day packer bags as well meet the requirements for the daily going to work or traveling for a day or 2.